Term and Conditions

By playing at Hera Casino (arm securities ltd), you accept that you fully understand and are in agreement with Terms and Conditions listed here. We recommend a thorough reading of the following Terms and Conditions. Consult a legal professional if there is some doubt in your mind regarding your rights and obligations. It is Hera Casino's prerogative to alter the Terms and Conditions any time without any prior intimation. We recommend consulting the site at least once every couple of months to stay updated.

Player Description & Sureties

  • Players must be of 18 years or above to play.
  • Players' local jurisdiction laws are of utmost importance. Hera Casino welcomes all players who are permitted by the laws of their local jurisdiction to gamble online. The responsibility to find out and learn about local laws is solely on the players.
  • Players must use this software tool to gamble online for private use. Players are prohibited from using it for others.
  • Players must understand the rules of the game and steps associated with gambling using this application.
  • Players are responsible for keeping their account information safe and secure. Players are prohibited from passing on the information related to their accounts to someone else, including minors.
  • Players are in complete agreement with the fact that the outcome of the games is decided using a random number generator.
  • Players are aware of the fact that they lose money when playing through this software.
  • Players accept that Hera Casino reserves the right to deny or limit wagers. Hera Casino reserves the right to cancel any bonus if the player has provided false information
  • Players are responsible for paying any and all taxes on winnings resulting from the use of the software as per the law of their country or state.
  • Players must deposit a check (in case when payment is made to them by check) to a financial institution in thirty days. If the check is deposited after that, check may be declined. Hera Casino is in no way responsible in this event and will not reissue check payment.


Some countries apply certain restrictions on their citizens on their playing at online casinos. Restrictions usually apply to the use of chips, bonuses, and/or making deposits using a credit card.

Hera Casino reserves the right to applied restrictions on an individual basis. To appeal any country-based restriction, you can contact us. We will check your case and make a final decision.

Marketing Communications

We at Hera Casino value our customers' privacy. You may choose to not receive any marketing communications if you wish. Kindly note that we will still send you messages pertaining to transactions made in your account's name to you.

Third Party Communications

Hera Casino has no control over marketing communications of a third party. In case you believe a third-party is spamming you by promoting the casino's product, Hera Casino will do all it can to get your name removed from the database of that third party. With that said, bear in mind that removal of your name from the database is third party's prerogative and Hera Casino cannot promise you a definitive solution to your request.

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