Privacy & Terms of Use

By playing Hera Casino, you declare that you clearly understand the terms and conditions listed here and agree to abide by them.

The use of Hera Casino is restricted to users who have attained the age of majority and are not prohibited by the law of their state or country to use Hera Casino.

All Hera Casino games are declared as void where law prohibits them. Minors are prohibited from playing Hera Casino games.

To play, a purchase is not required. Players can play Games without betting money. Those who bet money do so at their own risk and they understand this.

Players agree that they are bound by the listed terms when they use the Games software:

  • The player has attained the age of legal majority as defined by the law of his state or country.
  • The player completely understands that games can be played without or with money.
  • The players are responsible for keeping information related to their account confidential.
  • Hera Casino retains the right to cancel your account any time without issuing you a prior notice. Whatever balance is there in your account will be credited back immediately. Hera Casino also retains the right to void any winnings when any of the following holds true:
  • The name of the player is not the same as the name on the credit card used.
  • The player provided misleading or false information to open the account.
  • The player is not of legal age.
  • The player resides in a jurisdiction which prohibits using and participating in games such as ours.
  • The players charge back any purchase on the Hera Casino account.
  • The player holds multiple accounts with Hera Casino.
  • The player was found to be cheating or if Hera Casino determines the player has used a software application or something else to avoid the system's natural randomness.
  • The name on the casino account and the name on the account used for making withdrawal or deposit are not the same.
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